Monday, May 5, 2014

A murder or A mistake?

The scene in “Titanic” of Captain Edward Smiths going down together with the ship when it sank has given the audience an impactful memory. Sadly, reality always differs from the heroic act appears on screen especially to what happened recently to the South Korean Sewol ferry. On the 16 April 2014, Sewol, carrying 476 passengers, 325 were secondary student; en route to Jeju Island from Incheon has sunk. So far 213 deaths have been confirmed, 174 people have been rescued, and 89 people are still missing. However, the cause to the publics’ grief and anger are mainly because of the captain and crew who abandon the ship, placing their own lives ahead of passengers who are terrified.

According to Bloomberg, South Korean President, Park Geun Hye says in a meeting that the actions of the captain and some crew members just cannot be understood with common sense and they are like murder and should not be tolerated. Nonetheless, the question for now is, how serious is it for the captain to go down with his ship. Speaking with the CNN, Captain James Staples, a maritime consultant says that “The captain’s first obligation is for the safety of his crew and passengers. He should stay on board that vessel until he knows everybody is safely evacuated.” ABC stated that there is no international maritime law that requires a captain to stay on a sinking ship, but many countries either have their own laws or subscribe to international treaties that mandate certain behavior. Rod Sullivan, a professor specializing in maritime law at Florida Coastal School of Law tells TIME that Article 11 of Korea’s Seaman’s Act mandates the “captain has a duty to take all necessary measures to save the lives” of those aboard a ship, and breaches of these duties could lead to a maximum of five years in prison.  However, Fox News noted that Lee Joon-Seok, Captain of Sewol, had more than 40 years’ experience at sea, and could speak with eloquence about the romance and danger of a life spent on ships. Unfortunately, his action has leads him to fall from grace and tarnished his own reputation.

            Despite that, does it mean it is right for the captain to go down with the ship? Of course, it is the captains’ responsible for the safety of the ship and passengers aboard but he did apologize and admitted wrong and is now been charged for negligence of duty and violation of maritime law. Still, can all the blame be put on the captain? Of course not! Radically, as a human being, during tough times, we tend to get more selfish. On top of that, the off-duty captain of Sewol told the investigators that he had warned the owner of Chonghaejin Marine Co. about the serious stability problems with Sewol and yet, his warning was brushed aside. If it were so, aren’t the company the one who should take up the responsibility?

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Monday, January 25, 2010

After 1 month in 2010,i just realise i haven update my blog for quite some time..
I think i even forgot about me having a blog..
I'll just make a short post cause not really noe what to post..
Just busy with my life everyday..
Nothing special happen so far in 2010..
Still waiting for something fun or memorable to happen..
So far only got something sad happen..
Nothing happy..
My life now is only School,Tuitions and Homeworks..
The only time i can have fun is friday nite,saturday and sunday..
i got cell group,church and can just relax at home..
I realise that i getting more and more emotional nowadays..
I can be very happy and very the emo the next second..
Yesterday i can be very emo,today i can be super hyper and tmr i can be super emo again..
Anyone can tell me why?
When im emo,i became hot tempered and keep scolding ppl..
I really dont like that..
Im trying to control myself but i guess im just not that good in controlling myself..=(
Anyway,CNY coming soon so hopes everything will become better and better.. =)
Valentine Day coming soon tooo.. hahahahah..
But i'll be in my hometown on that day so too bad lor..
Thats it for my post now..
Will try to update soon.. =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday in Melbourne

Me and Jane with Airasia.. haha..

Hau Yon,Jane and me playing cards and eating McD burger in the plane..
My Grandmother sleeping.. hehe..

Table full with food..
Thanks to my Aunt..=)

Hau Wei,Peggen,Lyn,Chenny,Shaun,Yon,Jane and Me with the present CG gave me and the b'day cake they bought for me.. =)

Shaun cutting the cake and im just staring at it.. haha..

Unwrapping the present.. =P
Yon is looking at me opening my present.. haha..

jane and me..


jane,yon,me,hau wei and lyn..
we are actually standing in the middle of the road..
thank god no car if not we are all so dead..
i am the shortest and smallest size among them.. haha..

they are looking at a very big fake frog inside the well.. haha..

i take this pic for fun.. ahha..

its a puppet shop..

me with lots of sweets.. haha..

=P a very big frog chocolates..

small tea set..
i take this pic cause its so cute!! haha..

this the place where sell lots of coffee and tea..

this is actually a restaurant..

my aunt,grandma,grandpa,me,jane and my uncle..

the tree is freaking tall..

a random pic of me took by my uncle.. haha..


there's actually another telephone booth opposite me..
i can communicate with the person there with this thing..haha..

im actually talking to my cousins using that thing and taking pic of myself.. haha..

me and the lavender flower..
it smells so nice.. =P

lyn,yon,jane and me..
yea.. i noe..
tall to short.. haha..

there's actually lots of bugs on the flowers..
some even drop on me.. haha..

im the shortest.. haha..

i have no idea why i standing behind yon.. haha..

as usual..
shortest again..

my uncle and the cockadoo..haha..

my 1st time feeding a parrot on my hand..
im actually very scared.. haha..

getting used to it d..=P

oh no!! Suddenly got another parrot come and land on my head..
it freaks me out..haha..

Ouch!! It hurts ok..

having fun with the parrot.. =P

we are in a chinese restaurant..
why am i nto smilling?
cause my lips too dry until i cant smile bcs if i smile my lips will be super pain..

my cousin called my name and i turn around and this explain why i look like that in the picture..

Botanical garden..
this is where the wedding ceremony is held..

The bride walking down the aisle..


the wedding dinner..

this is our table..

the gift they give..

there's im name on it.. =P

P=Peggen & HW=Hau Wei

Marinated grilled quail,peached tomato,dill cucumber and fresh basil salad..(my dish)

Lemon peppered garfish knot,warm cocktail potato,cherry tomato and coriander..
(the dish for the person beside me)

roasted lamb rump,toasted almond herb filling,potato celeriac mash,seeded mustard cream sauce (my dish)

Sage scented pork roast,pumpkin and kneel ratatouille,with its own juice

Vanilla bean pana cotta with poached strawberries

Duo of chocolate bovois;white with grand marnier and milk chocolate with frangelico(my dish)

cupcakes and tea..

Restaurant in the vineyard..

The tree is very huge..


the sushi there..

my plane ticket..
saw my name?haha..

Jane suddenly appear while im taking picture of the lorong to the rooms and toilets.. haha..

saw the sofa there?
its actually jane and my bed..
yes,we sleep in the living room.. haha..

the balcony

i took this picture around 6am in malaysia i think..
not really sure..
im seating near the window..hehe..
its time to update my blog before i leave for IO camp tmr..
i should update bout my life in australia for 2 weeks.. =)
its my 4th day back to M'sia from Melbourne..
and i have to get use to the weather here in M'sia again..haha..
the weather there in Melbourne is always cooling and very nice eventhough its summer.. It feels like 24 hours aircond there..
The 1st day when i just reach Melbourne im like freezing there especially nite..
Getting use to it the 2nd day but still freezing.. haha..
If im not mistaken,we dint go anywhere the 2nd day..
just stay at home,online,play Wii and watch drama with my cousin.. ahha..
the 3rd day we went to my cousin church name City Church..
its very nice and fun there but maybe cause i sleep too late and wake up too early so i cant concentrate on what the pastor preach cause im kinda sleepy..
after service,we went to McD to buy bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce cause Yon wanna try.. Its only 1.95 aust money and the burger is super nice too..
i get addicted to it d..haha..
At nite,Peggen and her brother came to our hse to eat dinner together..
After dinner,while im watching tv,they suddenly called me to the kitchen and im very suprise that they are actually celebrating my b'day for me..
they secretly bought a cake for me and im very happy cause i dint think that they will celebrate my b'day for me..=D
They actually sing 2 time b'day song for me and i cut 2 time of the cake cause the 1st time they sing the b'day song for me and when i cut the cake,my cousin forget to record it down so they sing another time and i cut the cake again..
After that,i unwrap my b'day present CG gave to me..
The front of the box write 'Make ur streamyx go faster' then when i open it,i saw a very nice pink tube and a very cool jacket from romp..
on top of the box wrote 'Just joking =P' then i start to laugh.. haha..
below the jacket,there's actually a CD and when i saw the CD im kinda happy cause i noe CG made a b'day video for me..
i start to laugh when the starting of the video cause its really very funny and i started to feel very touch and tears started to drop from my eyes.. =D
i keep watching it over and over again and jane scold me for watching it so many times..hahaha..=P
If im not mistaken,the next day we went to Mount Dendanong..
On the way there,we stop somewhere and went to visit few shops like puppet shop,tea shop,sweet shop and many more..
Me and my cousins even stand in the middle of the road to take picture..
Thank God that there's no car on that time.. LOL!
When we reach Mount Dendanong,we went to see many different types of flowers and trees..
It actually needs entry fees to go in and im free..
No why?
cause my aunt told the person im Under 14 years old..
Under 14 years old is free and they really believe im under 14 when im already 16.. haha.. sobz!!
After Mount Dendanong,we went somewhere nearby to see bird..haha..
Only got parrot,cockadoo and megpie there..
At 1st i dont dare to feed the parrot or even hold the bird food cause when ur holding the food,all the bird will fly to u..hahaha..
Few minutes later,i saw everyone having fun with the parrot so i decided to take a try and put some bird food on my hand and the parrot starts to fly to me..
Its kinda ticklish and abit pain but its fun..=)
while im having fun,1 of the parrot landed on my head..
i scream like super loud and my uncle quickly took a picture of me..hahaha..=P
On the 5th of december,its my cousin wedding d..
the wedding ceremony starts at 4 in the afternoon..
in the morning,i help lyn and jane to perm their hair and they really look so beautiful after perming their hair..
after doing theirs,i started to do mine and it ends up not really nice but still ok la..
haha.. =P
The wedding ceremony is held in Botanical Garden..
The scenery there is very beautiful but its super hot and sunny there..
i think i even got sunburn..hahah..
After the ceremony,we quickly rush to the wedding dinner..
its starts at 7.30..
the restaurant was very awesome..
there's actually a dance floor there too.. =)
the food there was not bad..
maybe cause im not really use to the food there so its ok for me only..
my food and the food person beside me is different wan..
its something special..
it starts with a starter,main course,dessert and then tea/coffee and cakes..
before the dessert are out,the groom gave a suprise to the bride which is the groom sing a love song to the bride and after that,they started to dance and everyone join in after that..
After everything end,everyone went outside to take pictures and before i leave,i gave Peggen and Hau Wei a hug and congratulate them..
The next day,hau wei and peggen went for a mini honeymoon.. =)
On 7th december,we went to Vineyard and Orchard with Peggen's mom and dad..
We really enjoyed ourselves alot there..
took alot of picure too but i dint post all the picture here cause i dint get all of the pic..
few days later,we wanted to go Ocean Road but we dint make it in the end cause the place is really too far from our hse..
we are actually half way there d but sud we gave up and decided not to go..
It needs around 3 hours from the place we stay but we leave the hse late so we cant make it in the end but we ended up going to a shopping mall nearby..hahaha..
but we only gets to shop for 1hour++ cause the shopping mall close at 6pm..
Me,Yon,Jane and Lyn seat on Chenny(lyn's boyfren) car..
the others seat on my uncle's car..
since its a long journey,we must find something to do in the car..
So,we had a Karaoke in the car and ate Doritos(snacks)..
We sing lots of eng songs,some korean songs and some very old and nice chinese song..=D
eventhough we dint get to make it to Ocean road but at least we had lots of fun in the car.. =)
Few days later,its time for me to leave melbourne d but before i leave,went to a shopping mall name Glen to buy the souvenirs..
In the 2 weeks time,i only went to the shopping mall name Glen,Knox and South City if im not mistaken..
Bought lots and lots of choc..Bought cosmetics for my girl fren and shirt for my parent..
And whenever i go Glen,I'll eat the bacon cheeseburger from McD..hahaha..
i really love it.. =P
on the 10th december,we had our last gathering in our hse for our last dinner in Melbourne.. Peggen's whole family came and Chenny came to eat dinner together..
Around 9pm,Chenny and hau wei fetch us to the melbourne airport..
We depart around 1.45am..
I really miss the time when im in aust..
When im in aust,i always sleep late with my cousins to play Wii and watch dramas and to chat with my frens and sis in M'sia..
My grandparent almost everyday skype with my aunt and uncle in M'sia.. haha..
The sunrise there is at 5am and sunset at around 8.30pm..
i noe the sunrise is at 5am cause i still haven sleep yet when its already 5am in melbourne..
i met alot of new ppl in aust too..
For example,Lyn's boyfriend,lyn's fren,Peggen,Peggen's brothers,Shaun and Dominic,my uncle's fren daughters,and 1 of my uncle's fren son..
we keep saying him 'walk like guai lou,talk like guai lou,looks like guai lou but not a guai lou' cause his a chinese and really like a guai lou.. hahahah..
I even had a new "cousin-in-law"...haha..
After the wedding dinner,Dominic started to call me cousin-in-law whenever he saw me and i kinda like that name.. It sounds nice to me.. ahaha.. =P
My aunt always cook alot there too..
The table is always full with foods..
Make me always eat until very very full..haha..
Thank God i dint really gain weight..=P hehe..
I dont dare to eat much chocolates when im in aust.. haha.. =P
When the plane depart from the melbourne airport,the 1st thing came in my mind is 'Time really flies.. Its time for me to leave Melbourne d'
When the plane landed in the LCCT airport,the 1st thing came in my mind is 'I've finally back to Malaysia' but i started to miss Melbourne.. haiz..
But im really very happy when i saw my family..=)
Ok.. I think i better stop here d bcs its really a very long post..
And i got to go pack for my IO camp too..
Still waiting for elaine to give me the picture she took during my b'day celebration..=)